Punch! Home Design - AS5000

Punch! Home Design - AS5000

Punch! Home Design-AS5000 is architectural suite of products assembled together
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Punch! Home Design - AS5000 1.0 is architectural suite of products assembled in a single software. The software features integrated CAD feature that helps the user to create, edit, import, & export custom objects. The Edge treatment--blending & chamfering is an advanced tools to blend object edges; chamfer by length or angle. The Boolean operations help to perform addition and subtraction operations to quickly merge or remove surface areas. The LogiCursor technology predicts the user’s next move and draws for them. The Aerial views provide a helpful overview of your design to assist with interior planning, etc. The interior decorator’s color matching tool lets the user sample the color of any object, and then perfectly coordinates your room’s walls, trim, carpet, etc. with complementary colors. The software includes templates so that users can easily create custom ceiling designs to top off your plan, including set trays, domes, gables, beams, etc. The program also allows to add reflections to objects, floors, etc., which helps to add realism. The application can also create bays and alcoves, for the use with the dormer tool for attics. The software provides the user with one stop for all architectural related tasks.

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  • Many features in a single package


  • Complicated for beginners
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